Greek truffles have been known
since Ancient Times

Your Next Truffle May Be Coming
From Greece

Discover Hellenic Earth Treasure

My Story

Dioscourides, Theofrastus, Plutarch mentioning the Greek truffles trying to explain the strange presence of truffles on the roots of the trees.

I was intrigued by the ancient scriptures and I felt enthusiasm and passion for the magic truffle world.

I installed truffle cultivation in the mountain village, where I come from, and I started with Rafa - my lovely Truffledog - to explore the area around  there.

Over the years my knowledge developed, I traveled all over Greece and I dedicated myself to this research discovering  new truffle areas.

Through the trips I met friends, became a membership of socialcooperative corporation “syllogi” and created strong partnerships with other truffle growers.

The passion and love for this particular gastronomic value product leads me to continually strive to develop and collaborate with established gastronomy professionals.


Trufflehunting Experience

Truffle hunting is an extremely enjoyable activity that combines the love for nature and the
pleasure of finding and collecting truffles with trained dogs.

This activity is a great experience that we can offer to partner hotels and tourism agencies in
the Northern Greece region.

This activity includes:
• Truffle presentation
• Find and collect wild truffles
• Gastronomic Tasting: Lunch with the truffles we collected


My Lovely Truffledog


Truffle Heart

Magnatum Pico
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